Become a Certified Reviewer for the ASABE Journals at the Annual International Meeting

Sunday, 7/17/2022 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Cost: $0

One of the best ways for improving your ability to write peer-reviewed journal articles is to serve as a reviewer. This CPD will train participants to become better article reviewers by discussing best practices and approaches. Come learn from experienced ASABE Community Editors and Associate Editors. Completion of the CPD will earn the recognition of “ASABE Certified Reviewer”.

Target Audience: This CPD will target graduate students and also younger members that are interested in serving as reviewers for the ASABE journals. The session will also target all ASABE members that desire recognition “ASABE Certified Reviewers”.

Instructors: Garey Fox, NC State University, ASABE Editor-in-Chief; Kati Migliaccio, University of Florida, ASABE NRES Community Editor; Monica Gray, Coastal Carolina University; Kasiviswanathan Muthukumarappan, South Dakota State University.

Textbooks and Monographs

Please refer to the textbook and monograph authors web page for details about the role of reviewers and editors in that process.


ScholarOne Manuscripts is used for submission of manuscripts and the journal peer review process. See the ScholarOne Editor User Guide for assistance.

Our Community Editors and Associate Editors manage the peer-review process. You can obtain peer-review training online from Web of Science.

The ScholarOne Manuscripts website also has an extensive help section including email and phone support. Just click on the "Get Help Now" link in the upper right corner. If you need assistance, please email


Best Practices

The P-511 Journal Editorial Board adopted a Best Practices For Editors strategy to facilitate timely reviews. This document provides guidance on dealing with delays in the review cycle. Your continued input is welcome.

Reviewer Search

We now use the new Web of Science Reviewer Locator within ScholarOne. It use the manuscript title and abstract to identify potential reviewers.

Pages 25 and 26 of the latest ScholarOne release notes discuss the reviewer search. This PDF also mentions ORCID and Ringgold which may be of interest to you.

Training and User Guide

See the quick links for editor, reviewer, and ScholarOne training and user guides.

Reviewer Recognition in Publons

Publons lets you effortlessly track, verify, and showcase your peer-review activity without compromising reviewer anonymity or infringing upon journal policies. The content of the review will not be publicly displayed, and reviewers will only be associated with the journal and not the article they have reviewed.

ASABE has partnered with Publons to give you official recognition for your expert peer-review efforts. You can choose to have your reviews automatically added to your Publons profile, showcasing how often we rely on your expertise to ensure the research we publish is of the highest quality.

In ScholarOne Manuscripts, look for the question Do you want to get credit for reviewing this manuscript on Publons?

Find out more about Publons: