The Information Technology, Sensors, and Control Systems (ITSC) Technical Community judges select the top papers from the ITSC community that will be presented at the annual international meeting (AIM) each year. To be considered, authors must submit their paper to headquarters by April 20 to be eligible for that year's AIM. Papers must not have been previously published elsewhere.

2021 Winners

Comparison of Deep Learning Models for Corn Disease Identification, Tracking, and Severity Estimation Using Images Acquired From UAV-Mounted and Handheld Sensors
Aanis Ahmad, Dharmendra Saraswat, Aly El Gamal, Gurmukh S Johal

Anchor-Free Deep Convolution Neural Network for Plant and Plant Organ Detection and Counting
Chenjiao Tan, Changying Li, Dongjian He, Huaibo Song

Tree-based Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Hierarchical Identification of Low-resolution Insect Images
Dan Jeric Arcega Rustia, Ya-Fang Wu, Pei-Yu Shih, Sheng-Kuan Chen, Jui-Yung Chung, Ta-Te Lin

Deep Learning-Based Saliency Maps for the Quantification of Grape Powdery Mildew at the Microscopic Level
Tian Qiu, Anna Underhill, Surya Sapkota, Lance Cadle-Davidson, Yu Jiang