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ASABE Standards Published - April 2018

ASAE S205.2 DEC1978 (R2013) Power Take-Off Definitions and Terminology for Agricultural Tractors

ASAE S207.13 MAY2015 Operating Requirements for Tractors and Power Take-Off Driven Implements

ASAE S211.7 JUL2017 V-Belt and V-Ribbed Belt Drives for Agricultural Machines

ASAE S225.2 AUG2016 Chisel Plows, Field Cultivators, Row Crop Cultivators, Ripper Shanks and Ground Tool Mountings

ANSI/ASAE S229.6 DEC1976 (R2017) Baling Wire for Automatic Balers

ASAE S238.1 APR1986 (R2015) Volumetric Capacity of Forage Wagons, Wagon Boxes, and Forage Handling Adaptations of Manure Spreaders

ANSI/ASAE D241.4 OCT1992 (R2017) Density, Specific Gravity, and Mass-Moisture Relationships of Grain for Storage

ASAE D243.4 MAY2003 (R2017) Thermal Properties of Grain and Grain Products

ASAE D245.6 OCT2007 (R2017ED) Moisture Relationships of Plant-Based Agricultural Products

ASAE S248.3 MAR1976 (R2015ED) Construction and Rating of Equipment for Drying Farm Crops

ASAE D251.2 APR2003 (R2017) Friction Coefficients of Chopped Forages

ASAE D252.1 MAR1982 (R2014) Tower Silos: Unit Weight of Silage and Silo Capacities

ASAE EP258.5 JUN2014 Installation of Electric Infrared Brooding Equipment

ASAE EP260.5 FEB2015 Design and Construction of Subsurface Drainage Systems on Agricultural Lands in Humid Areas

ANSI/ASAE S261.7 FEB1989 (R2015) Design and Installation of Nonreinforced Concrete Irrigation Pipe Systems

ASAE EP267.7 NOV1996 (R2017) Prevention of Mosquito Problems Associated with Irrigation and Drainage Systems

ASAE S268.6 MAR2017 Terrace Systems

ASAE S269.5 OCT2012 (R2016) Densified Products for Bulk Handling — Definitions and Method

ASAE EP270.5 DEC1986 (R2017) Design of Ventilation Systems for Poultry and Livestock Shelters

ASAE D271.2 APR1979 (R2014) Psychrometric Data

ASAE D272.3 MAR1996 (R2016) Resistance to Airflow of Grains, Seeds, Other Agricultural Products, and Perforated Metal Sheets

ASAE D274.1 JAN1992 (R2017) Flow of Grain and Seeds through Orifices

ANSI/ASAE S276.8 APR2016 Slow-Moving Vehicle Identification Emblem (SMV Emblem)

ANSI/ASAE S277.2 FEB1972 (R2017) Mounting Brackets and Socket for Warning Lamp and Slow-Moving Vehicle (SMV) Identification Emblem

ANSI/ASAE S279.17 JUL2013 (R2017) Lighting and Marking of Agricultural Equipment on Highways

ASAE S281.3 APR1987 (R2013) Capacity Designation for Fertilizer and Pesticide Hoppers and Containers

ANSI/ASAE EP282.2 FEB1993 (R2013) Design Values for Emergency Ventilation and Care of Livestock and Poultry

ASAE EP285.8 FEB2014 Use of SI (Metric) Units

ANSI/ASAE S289.2 FEB1998 (R2013) Concrete Slip-Form Canal Linings

ASAE S290.2 DEC2004 (R2014) Determining Cutting Width and Designated Mass of Disk Harrows

ASAE EP291.3 FEB2005 (R2013) Terminology and Definitions for Soil Tillage and Soil-Tool Relationships

ASAE S292.5 OCT1994 (R2013) Uniform Terminology for Rural Waste Management

ASAE D293.4 JAN2012 (R2016) Dielectric Properties of Grain and Seed

ASAE EP294.3 SEP2003 (R2013) Computing Electrical Demands for Farms

ANSI/ASAE S296.5 W/Corr. 1 DEC2003 (R2013) General Terminology for Traction of Agricultural Traction and Transport Devices and Vehicles

ASAE S301.5 SEP2012 (R2016) Agricultural equipment — Front loaders — Dimensional and operating ratings

ANSI/ASAE EP302.4 FEB1993 (R2017) Design and Construction of Surface Drainage Systems on Agricultural Lands in Humid Areas

ANSI/ASAE S303.4 SEP2007 (R2017) Test Procedure for Solids-Mixing Equipment for Animal Feeds

ASAE S304.8 MAY2006 (R2015) Graphical Symbols for Operator Controls and Displays on Agricultural Equipment

ASAE D309.1 JUN1987 (R2017) Wet-Bulb Temperatures and Wet-Bulb Depressions

ASAE S313.3 FEB1999ED (R2013) Soil Cone Penetrometer

ANSI/ASAE S315.4 DEC2011 (R2017) Agricultural Baling Twine for Automatic Balers

ASAE S317 DEC1968 (R2012) Improving Safety on Enclosed Mobile Tanks for Transporting and Spreading Agricultural Liquids and Slurry

ANSI/ASAE S318.18 JUN2017 Safety for Agricultural Field Equipment

ANSI/ASAE S319.4 FEB2008 (R2017) Method of Determining and Expressing Fineness of Feed Materials by Sieving

ASAE D321.2 MAR1985 (R2015) Dimensions of Livestock and Poultry

ASAE S324.1 APR1986 (R2012) Volumetric Capacity of Box Type Manure Spreaders — Dual Rating Method

ASAE S326.1 JAN1989 (R2014) Volumetric Capacity of Closed Tank Type Manure Spreaders

ASAE S327.4 JUL2012 (R2016) Terminology and Definitions for Application of Crop or Forestry Production and Protection Agents

ASAE S328.3 JUL2003 (R2015) Dimensions for Compatible Operation of Forage Harvesters, Forage Transporters and Forage Blowers

ASAE EP329.3 APR2013 (R2018) Single-Phase Rural Distribution Service for Motors and Phase Converters

ANSI/ASAE S331.6 AUG2015 Implement Power Take-Off Drive Shaft Specifications

ASAE S337.1 FEB1987 (R2017) Agricultural Pallet Bins

ANSI/ASAE S338.5 MAY2006 (R2016) Field Equipment for Agriculture — Safety Chain for Towed Equipment

ASAE S341.4 DEC2009 (R2015) Procedure for Measuring Distribution Uniformity and Calibrating Granular Broadcast Spreaders

ASAE EP342.3 NOV2010 (R2015) Safety for Electrically Heated Livestock Waterers

ANSI/ASAE S343.4 JUN2015 Terminology for Combines and Grain Harvesting

ASAE EP344.4 JAN2014 Lighting Systems for Agricultural Facilities

ASAE S347.1 MAR1981 (R2015) Flanged Steel Blower Pipe Dimensions

ANSI/ASAE S351 FEB1972 (R2017) Hand Signals for Use in Agriculture

ASAE S352.2 APR1988 (R2017) Moisture Measurement — Unground Grain and Seeds

ASAE S353 MAR1972 (R2017) Moisture Measurement — Meat and Meat Products

ANSI/ASAE S354.6 NOV2016 Safety for Farmstead Equipment

ANSI/ASAE S355.5 SEP2015 Safety Practices for Agricultural Front-End Loaders

ASAE S356.1 MAR1980 (R2015) T-Hook Slots for Securement in Shipment of Agricultural Equipment

ANSI/ASAE S358.3 MAY2012 (R2017) Moisture Measurement — Forages

ASAE S360.1 FEB2004 (R2014) Test Procedure and Performance Criteria for the Under-carriage Load Carrying Ability of Farm Materials Transport Equipment

ASAE S361.3 APR1990 (R2015) Safety for Portable Agricultural Auger Conveying Equipment

ANSI/ASAE S362.2 JAN1983ED (R2014) Wiring and Equipment for Electrically Driven or Controlled Irrigation Machines

ANSI/ASAE EP364.4 FEB2013 (R2018) Installation and Maintenance of Farm Standby Electric Power

ANSI/ASAE S365.9 NOV2011 (R2017) Braking System Test Procedures and Braking Performance Criteria for Agricultural Field Equipment

ASAE EP367.2 MAR1991 (R2017) Guide for Preparing Field Sprayer Calibration Procedures

ASAE S368.4 DEC2000 (R2017) Compression Test of Food Materials of Convex Shape

ASAE EP369.1 DEC1987 (R2014) Design of Agricultural Drainage Pumping Plants

ASAE EP371.2 MAR2002 (R2016) Procedure for Calibrating Granular Applicators

ASAE S374 MAR1975 (R2015) Terminology and Specification Definitions for Agricultural Auger Conveying Equipment

ANSI/ASAE S375.2 DEC1996 (R2013) Capacity Ratings and Unloading Dimensions for Cotton Harvester Baskets

ANSI/ASAE S376.3 FEB2016 Design, Installation and Performance of Underground, Thermoplastic Irrigation Pipelines

ANSI/ASAE S377 DEC1974 (R2015) Application of Remote Linear Control Devices to Lawn and Garden Ride-On Tractor Attachments and Implements

ANSI/ASAE EP378.4 JUN2010 (R2014) Floor and Suspended Loads on Agricultural Structures Due to Use

ASAE EP379.5 APR2012 (R2016) Management of Manure Odors

ASAE S380 DEC1975 (R2015) Test Procedure to Measure Mixing Ability of Portable Farm Batch Mixers

ASAE EP381.1 JUL1988 (R2014) Specifications for Lightning Protection

ASAE D384.2 MAR2005 (R2014) Manure Production and Characteristics

ASAE S386.2 FEB1988 (R2013) Calibration and Distribution Pattern Testing of Agricultural Aerial Application Equipment

ANSI/ASAE EP389.2 JUN1993 (R2015) Auger Flighting Design Considerations

ANSI/ASAE S390.6 (ISO 12934:2013) DEC2016 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry — Basic types — Vocabulary

ANSI/ASAE S392.2 APR2005 (R2014) Cotton Module Builder and Transporter Standard

ASAE EP393.3 DEC1998 (R2013) Manure Storages

ANSI/ASAE S396.3 JUN2016 Combine Capacity and Performance Test Procedure

ANSI/ASAE S397.4 NOV2013 Electrical Service and Equipment for Irrigation

ASAE S398.1 MAR1985 (R2016) Procedure for Sprinkler Testing and Performance Reporting

ANSI/ASAE EP400.3 OCT2007 (R2017) Designing and Constructing Irrigation Wells

ANSI/ASAE S401.2 FEB1993 (R2017) Guidelines for Use of Thermal Insulation in Agricultural Buildings

ASAE EP402 DEC1980 (R2016) Radiation Quantities and Units

ANSI/ASAE EP403.4 FEB2011 (R2015) Design of Anaerobic Lagoons for Animal Waste Management

ASAE EP405.1 APR1988 (R2014) Design and Installation of Microirrigation Systems

ASAE EP407.2 SEP2014 Agricultural Drainage Outlets — Open Channels

ASAE EP408.3 OCT2014 Surface Irrigation Runoff Reuse Systems

ASAE EP409.1 MAR1989 (R2013) Safety Devices for Chemigation

ASAE S410.2 JUL2010 (R2015) Moisture Measurement — Peanuts

ANSI/ASAE EP411.5 DEC2012 (R2016) Guidelines for Measuring and Reporting Environmental Parameters for Plant Experiments in Growth Chambers

ASAE S412.1 MAR1990 (R2014) Ladders, Cages, Walkways and Stairs

ASAE EP413.2 FEB2010 (R2014) Procedure for Establishing Volumetric Capacities of Cylindrical Grain Bins

ASAE S414.2 MAR2009 (R2013) Terminology and Definitions for Agricultural Tillage Implements

ASAE EP415.2 NOV1997 (R2012) Safety Color Code for Educational and Training Laboratories

ASAE S417.1 MAR1985 (R2018) Specifications for Alarm Systems Utilized in Agricultural Structures

ANSI/ASAE S418.1 OCT2010 (R2014) Dimensions for Cylindrical Hydraulic Couplers for Lawn and Garden Tractors

ANSI/ASAE S422.1 DEC2015 Mapping Symbols and Nomenclature for Erosion and Sediment Control Plans for Land Disturbing Activities

ANSI/ASAE S423.1 MAR2014 Thermal Performance Testing of Open-Loop Solar Ambient Air Heaters with Defined Inlet and Outlet Conditions

ANSI/ASAE S424.1 MAR1992 (R2017) Method of Determining and Expressing Particle Size of Chopped Forage Materials by Screening

ASABE EP425.1 MAY2016 Underground Outlets for Conservation Practices

ASAE S431.3 JUN2014 2000-RPM Front and Mid PTO for Lawn and Garden Ride-On Tractors

ANSI/ASAE EP433 DEC1988 (R2015) W/Corr.1 Loads Exerted by Free-Flowing Grain on Bins

ASAE S435.1 JAN2015 Polyethylene Pipe Used for Microirrigation Laterals

ANSI/ASAE S436.1 JUN1996 (R2016) Test Procedure for Determining the Uniformity of Water Distribution of Center Pivot and Lateral Move Irrigation Machines Equipped with Spray or Sprinkler Nozzles

ASAE S442.2 FEB2017 Water and Sediment Control Basins

ASAE EP444.1 DEC1999 (R2016) Terminology and Recommendations for Freestall Dairy Housing, Freestalls, Feed Bunks, and Feeding Fences

ANSI/ASAE EP446.3 APR2008 (R2017) Loads Exerted by Irish Potatoes in Shallow Bulk Storage Structures

ANSI/ASAE S448.2 SEP2014 (R2018ED) Thin-Layer Drying of Agricultural Crops

ASAE EP456 DEC1986 (R2015) Test and Reliability Guidelines

ANSI/ASAE S459 MAR1992 (R2017) Shear and Three-Point Bending Test of Animal Bone

ASAE EP463.2 NOV2009 (R2014) Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Subsurface Drains in Arid and Semiarid Areas

ASABE EP464.1 FEB2016 Grassed Waterway for Runoff Control

ASAE S466.2 OCT2012 (R2016) Nomenclature/Terminology for Livestock Manure Handling Equipment

ASAE EP470.1 OCT2011 (R2016) Manure Storage Safety

ASAE S471 MAR1991 (R2012) Procedure for Measuring Sprayer Nozzle Wear Rate

ANSI/ASAE S472 DEC1986 (R2017) Terminology for Forage Harvesters and Forage Harvesting

ASAE EP473.2 JAN2001 (R2015) Equipotential Plane in Livestock Containment Areas

ASAE EP475.3 JAN2018 Design and Management of Storages for Bulk, Fall-Crop, Irish Potatoes

ASAE S477.1 AUG2013 (R2017) Terminology for Soil-Engaging Components for Conservation-Tillage Planters, Drills, and Seeders

ANSI/ASAE S478.1 FEB2012 (R2016) Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) for Compact Utility Tractors

ASAE EP479.1 DEC2013 Operation of Controlled Drainage Systems in Humid Regions

ANSI/ASAE S483.2 AUG2011 (R2016) Rotary Mower Blade Ductility Test

ANSI/ASAE EP484.3 DEC2017 Diaphragm Design of Metal-Clad, Wood-Frame Rectangular Buildings

ANSI/ASAE EP486.3 SEP2017 Shallow Post and Pier Foundation Design

ASAE S487 DEC1987 (R2017) Moisture Measurement — Tobacco

ASAE S488.1 APR2013 (R2017) Energy Efficiency of Peanut Drying Systems

ASAE S491 APR1992 (R2017) Graphic Symbols for Pressurized Irrigation System Design

ASABE EP492.1 APR2014 Diversions

ANSI/ASAE S493.1 JUL2003 (R2012) Guarding for Agricultural Equipment

ASAE S495.1 NOV2005 (R2015) Uniform Terminology for Agricultural Machinery Management

ASAE EP496.3 FEB2006 (R2015) Cor.1 Agricultural Machinery Management