ASABE is proud to offer the following awards in recognition of outstanding contributions to agricultural and biological engineering. All awards are presented each summer at the Annual International Meeting Awards Luncheon. All major award nominations are due October 31 annually. Please click on each award for nomination instructions.

Questions? Please contact the awards administrator.

2021 ASABE Awards Ceremony FINAL.mp4 from ASABE on Vimeo.
The Major Awards presentation starts at approximately 28 minutes. 

Gold Medal Awards
Cyrus Hall McCormick-Jerome Increase Case Gold Medal
Honors exceptional and meritorious engineering achievement in agriculture that has resulted in new concepts, products, processes or methods that advanced the development of agriculture. Gold medal.

John Deere Gold Medal
Honors achievement through engineering for improved manipulation, use and conservation of soil-water resource, and that has resulted in applications of a new concept, product, art or science that advanced the development of agriculture. Gold medal.

Massey-Ferguson Educational Gold Medal
Honors those whose dedication to the spirit of learning and teaching in the field of agricultural engineering has advanced our agricultural knowledge and practice, and whose efforts serve as an inspiration to others. Gold medal.

Early Career Awards
Sunkist Young Designer Award
Awarded to an individual under the age of 40 at the time of selection. This award honors the development or creation of a technical plan that is materially influencing agricultural engineering progress, as evidenced by use in the field. Engraved bronze medallion on a plaque.

Larry W. Turner Young Extension Professional Award
Awarded to an individual under the age of 40 at the time of selection. The award is given to recognize excellence in personal character and outstanding achievement in the following areas: 1) serving clientele by disseminating, sharing and applying engineering knowledge; 2) motivating clientele to acquire new knowledge, skills and understanding; 3) transferring research technology into practical, problem-solving applications; and 4)advancing the profession of agricultural and biological engineering. Engraved bronze medallion on a plaque.

A. W. Farrall Young Educator
Awarded to an individual under the age of 40 at the time of selection. Honors outstanding success motivating the application of engineering principles to the problems of agricultural engineering. Engraved bronze medallion on a plaque.

New Holland Young Researcher Award
Awarded to an individual under the age of 40 at the time of selection. Honors dedicated use of scientific methodology to seek out facts or principles significant to agricultural engineering. Engraved bronze medallion on a plaque.

Gale A. Holloway Professional Development Award
Seeks to encourage and recognize outstanding leadership and active involvement in ASABE for early career members. An engraved globe recognition item.

Student Awards
Robert E. Stewart Engineering Humanities Award
Honors a graduate or undergraduate student who is a Student Member of ASABE at the time of nomination for outstanding contributions to the profession and the humanities. Engraved hardwood plaque.

Roger R. & Laura M. Yoerger Preprofessional Engineer of the Year Award
Seeks to recognize an outstanding Preprofessional undergraduate student member who has excelled scholastically and has been a leader in the local, regional, and international communities as demonstrated by activities and offices held at each level. Globe on an engraved circular glass obelisk.

Pharos of Alexandria Global Learning Award
Seeks to honor and recognize annually an outstanding Undergraduate upper-class level (junior/senior) or Graduate ASABE student member who exhibits interest in engineering problems and global learning outreach. Engraved plaque and $1,000 cash prize

Service to the Profession Awards
Evelyn E. Rosentreter Standards Award
Seeks to recognize individuals who have given exceptional contributions toward the generation, maintenance, and administration of ASABE standards. Engraved hardwood plaque.

James R. & Karen A. Gilley Academic Leadership Award
Seeks to honor and recognize annually an ASABE member who is currently providing outstanding academic leadership while serving as department head/chair of a Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department (or similarly named department) in the United States that presently has an ABET accredited Agricultural/Biological Engineering program. Full-leaded eagle perched on an engraved optic crystal base.

Kishida International Award
Honors outstanding contributions to engineering-mechanization-technological programs of education, research, development, consultation or technology transfer that have resulted in significant improvements outside the United States. Engraved plaque and $1,000 cash.

Lalit and Aruna Verma Award for Excellence in Global Engagement
Recognizes outstanding contributions made towards global advancement and recognition of the profession of agricultural and biological engineering, and excellence in global engagement and international education, outreach, and/or research. 

PEI Professional Engineer of the Year Award
Recognize a licensed engineer who has made outstanding contributions to the engineering profession, the public welfare, and/or humankind. Engraved glass sculptured trophy.

IDEA Award (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access)
Recognizes outstanding contributions by an individual or group to ASABE-related programs of education, research, extension, development, consultation, or technology transfer that have resulted in significant improvement within the parameters of inclusion, diversity, equity and access for under-represented groups and which have led the Society in fostering a welcoming and safe community for all members.

Technology Contributions Awards
Sukup Global Food Security Award
Recognizes the enhancement of food security by innovative engineering or the application of engineering in the production and distribution of food, including the storage and handling of grains, oilseeds, and other food products. 

ADS/Hancor Soil & Water Award
Honors contributions to the advancement of soil and water engineering. Contributions may be in teaching, research, planning, design, construction, management or development of materials. Bronze medallion mounted on an engraved plaque.

G. B. Gunlogson Countryside Engineering Award
Honors outstanding engineering contributions to the development and improvement of the countryside. Engraved copper plate on a hardwood plaque.

SMV Technologies Ergonomics, Safety, and Health Award
To encourage and to recognize outstanding contributions which advance agricultural and biological safety and health. These contributions shall have been either in the form of notable performance, product innovation, program innovation, research, design education promotion, published literature and/or special actions which have served to advance agricultural and biological safety and health. Engraved beveled triangular glass piece suspended from a stainless steel holder.

Mayfield  Cotton Engineering Award
Honors outstanding contributions to the cotton industry. Engraved hardwood plaque.

Rain Bird Engineering Concept of the Year Award
Honors an engineer or engineering team for unique contributions to the development or advancement of a new engineering concept. Engraved hardwood plaque.

Award for the Advancement of Surface Irrigation
Seeks to recognize and publicize those efforts that enhance the acceptance and efficient use of surface irrigation methods. Engraved hardwood plaque.

Heermann Sprinkler Irrigation Award
Honors those professionals in research, development, extension, education or industry that have made significant contributions to the improvement of efficient and effective sprinkler irrigation. Engraved hardwood plaque.

International Food Engineering Award
Honors and recognizes food engineering professionals from all parts of the world, who have made significant engineering contributions in research, development or design of food processes significant to the food industry; and in outstanding leadership, management or education to advance the food engineering profession. Engraved plaque and $1,000 cash award.  

Netafim Award for Advancements in Microirrigation
Honors and recognizes annually an ASABE member who is providing excellence in research, development, extension, education or industry who has made significant contributions in the ability to utilize and adapt microirriagation technology at an appropriate scale for any given level of production technology.  The purpose of the award is to encourage and recognize engineering excellence in the design, development, evaluation, operation, or management of microirrigation systems and/or efforts that increase the adoption of this efficient irrigation method.  Engraved hardwood plaque.

Henry Giese Structures & Environment Award
Honors distinguished service in advancing the knowledge and science of agricultural structures and environment. Engraved plaque on a wooden base.