Standards Updates

ASABE Standards Updates since March 29, 2021

Below is a current listing of the standards completed or withdrawn since the publication of the current ASABE Standards CD-Rom/Flash Drive 2021. The updated CD/Flash Drive publication is available in late spring of each year.

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Projects approved

X6689:2021, Equipment for harvesting — Combine harvesters and functional components — Vocabulary
X8210:2021, Equipment for harvesting — Combine harvesters — Test procedure and performance assessment
X627.1, Weather-based Landscape Irrigation Control Systems
X12003-1:2021, Tractors for agriculture and forestry — Roll-over protective structures on narrow tractors — Part 1: Front-mounted ROPS
X12003-2:2021, Tractors for agriculture and forestry — Roll-over protective structures on narrow tractors — Part 2: Rear-mounted ROPS
X354.8, Safety for Farmstead Equipment
X318.19, Safety for Agricultural Field Equipment


New standards approved since the last publication

 EP653 OCT2021, Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) for Indoor Plant Environments without Sunlight (Press Release PDF)   


Revisions since the last publication

ASABE/ICC 802-2020 Landscape Irrigation Sprinkler and Emitter Standard 
ANSI/ASABE S620.1 APR2022 Safety for Anhydrous Ammonia Application Equipment (Press Release PDF)
ASABE S615.2 FEB2022  Cotton Module Cover Material Performance (Press Release PDF)
ASABE S582.1 JAN2022 Cotton Gins - Method of Utilizing Emission Factors in Determining Emission Parameters (Press Release PDF))
ANSI/ASAE S390.7 (ISO 12934:2021) JAN2022 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry — Basic types — Vocabulary (Press Release PDF)
ANSI/ASABE S648-4.1 NOV2021 Agricultural Field Equipment Braking – Part 4: Requirements for Towed Vehicles (Press Release PDF)
ANSI/ASABE S648-5.1 NOV2021 Agricultural Field Equipment Braking – Part 5: Requirements for the Interface between Towing Vehicle and Towed Vehicles (Press Release PDF)
ANSI/ASAE S276.8 APR2016 (R2020) Cor 1 Slow-Moving Vehicle Identification Emblem (SMV Emblem)
ASABE/ISO 24347:2019 NOV2021 Agricultural vehicles - Mechanical connections between towed and towing vehicles - Dimensions of ball coupling device (80 mm) (Press Release PDF)
ASAE D245.7 JUL2021 Moisture Relationships of Plant-based Agricultural Products (Press Release PDF)
 ASAE S268.7 JUL2021 Terrace Systems


Withdrawals since the last publication