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The Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE exam is held in April of each year. 

Ag/Bio Eng PE Exam Reference List
Electronic Reference Materials
ASABE Standards Reference Collection for Takers of the Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE Exam
Webinar Series Offers Ag & Bio Eng PE Exam Preparation
NCEES Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE Exam Specifications

FE Exam & FE Reference Handbook
The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is typically the first step in the process leading to PE licensure. It is designed for recent graduates and students who are close to finishing an undergraduate engineering degree. The FE is a computer-based exam that is administered year-round in testing windows at NCEES-approved Pearson VUE test centers. See the FE exam specifications here. The FE contains 110 multiple-choice questions. The exam appointment time is 6 hours long, which includes a nondisclosure agreement, tutorial (8 minutes), the exam (5 hours and 20 minutes), a scheduled break (25 minutes), and a brief survey. Further details on the FE exam may be found here.

FE Reference Handbook
The FE Reference Handbook is available for free download by registering or logging into MyNCEES . Examinees are urged to familiarize themselves with this resource prior to taking the computer-based exam. A searchable, electronic copy of the handbook will be displayed on the monitor during the exam. Find further information on the handbook here.

Mentor Program for First-Time Takers of the Ag Eng PE Exam
If you're planning to take the Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE exam and would like to be paired with a mentor who can share firsthand knowledge of what to expect, please send a message to  Mark Crossley.and we'll be happy to pair you with someone who has taken and passed the exam within the last few years. The mentoring program will be conducted electronically, and once a mentor/mentee pairing has been made, contact information (name and e-mail address) will be shared with each party. This benefit is only available to ASABE members. To join, please click here.

First-Time Taker Incentive Details
Repeat Taker Incentive Details

Ag & Bio Eng PE Practice Exam
Below, please find a series of practice questions to help you prepare for the Ag & Bio Eng PE exam. 

Practice Exam
Common Systems Applications
Natural Resources & Ecology
Process Engineering