Get Started

To submit your journal manuscript to one of ASABE's peer-reviewed journals, follow the steps below.

  1. Use the ASABE Journal Manuscript Template for Microsoft Word. Include line numbers and page numbers on each page (the template will do this for you). References listed at the end of your document should have last name first like:

    Brown, A. V., Jones, J. G., & Wang, J. C.

    and include DOI, where possible, like the one below, to improve search results for your document and link it to others.

    To speed processing, if possible, use Endnote (preferred) or the built-in Word References tool for the references section. Do not use the software for the in-text citations since we use the name, date style that is slightly different (see the Guide for Authors). That will significantly speed up the process. Tutorials for Endnote or Word references can be found on other websites such as this short tutorial or on Youtube.

    Follow other instructions in the Guide For Authors.

  2. Complete the Copyright Transfer Form PDF. Upload this form with your manuscript to ScholarOne Manuscripts or fax to (269) 429-3852. You are required to check the box that confirms you understand author page charges (APC) are required  and must be paid prior to publication.

  3. Go to ScholarOne Manuscripts website to submit your manuscript for review. The first time you submit a manuscript, create a new unique login account for ScholarOne Manuscripts. This website login is not connected to the website.

    Select the best technical community to review your manuscript by using this listing for details.

  4. After peer review is complete and your manuscript is accepted, our staff will put the accepted version online as "in-press" and perform further editing and layout that will require your approval before final publication.

  5. After the layout is complete, the article page charges can be determined. Payment is required before publication. The page charge is based on the number of published journal pages. The current charge is $100 ($110 for non-members) per 8.5 by 11 inch published page in Transactions of the ASABE and Applied Engineering in Agriculture, and $50 ($55 for non-members) per 6 by 9 inch published page in the Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health. You will be billed when you receive the page proofs. Open Access may be added for an additional charge on the invoice. The page charge invoice provides information and pricing for optional paper reprints produced by ASABE.

  6. After publication, you may download your article from the Technical Library and e-mail or reproduce print copies for distribution. If you have difficulty downloading the article, contact Sandy Rutter. ASABE grants permission to post the PDF of your article to your personal (NO posting to websites such as ResearchGate, Facebook, LinkedIn,, or a third-party website) or your employer's website and to circulate the PDF version via email electronically or in print form. See the copyright page for details.

English-language Editing

If needed, you may send your manuscript to Charlesworth English Editing Services, American Journal Experts, or other similar service for translation and editing. This service is provided by an outside vendor, but not endorsed by ASABE. You will be responsible for any fees. There is no guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted by the ASABE journals after editing.

ASABE does not have a resource to help individual authors with major editing.

Journal Author FAQ

Review the Journal Author FAQ, email, or click on the Help button on the ScholarOne Manuscripts website.

Rev. 5/25/2018